Point to Point

Northern Virginia Checker Cab offers excellent Mannasas taxi service near Washington Metropolitan Area. A fantastic Point to Point cab service is our trademark! No matter if it’s a long trip, round trip or city tour or if you’re a local resident, international visitor, business and corporate professional.

At Nova Checker Cab client satisfaction is something that keeps this team works diligently to ensure you always receive the best service taxi ride near Manassas. Do you need a ride from Centreville to Dulles or you’re looking up how to get from BWI to Bullrun? Done and done.

Simply use your smartphone voice search and use the command line: “Get me a taxi near me” and then just choose Novachecker from the listed options. With us, you’ll have an assembly of fully licensed chauffeurs always on standby, ready to hear where to. Opt for the most efficient and safest manner of taxi transfer nearby, at the best rates in the Metropolitan Washington DC area. This service is excellent for a range of occasions. You can:

  • Travel to your desired destination with the quickest Point to Point taxi service near you
  • Have the true transportation experts with a friendly and flexible approach follow your instructions to the letter
  • Get an excellent support for your airport transfers, guaranteed
  • Find the nearest Manassas taxi service  in your vicinity
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Business Travel

With this efficient and professional Manassas taxi service near my location, Novachecker is are changing the way businesses are operating in the Prince William County. Whether you have a small family run business or you are part of a large corporation, let Northern Virginia Checker Cab look after you, at the best rates in the area.

How to get from Stafford to HEF? What is the distance between Montclair and DCA? Nova’s team will gladly answer any questions to the likes of these!  Finally, at last, you’ve found the efficient, dependable and supportive taxi service nearby. Our service is great when you have a trip to any of the airports in the Metropolitan Washington DC area, special occasion, seminar and conference to attend. Next time you are headed from  Groveton to Ashton Glen with your client, trust this team to get you there in the most efficient manner and absolute comfort.

  • Prepare to have your point A to point B travels upgraded
  • As an account corporate account holder, your business enjoys streamlined billing and minimum administration
  • The best Manassas taxi service in Manassas spans out to all of Northern Virginia and is also available across the Washington Metropolitan Area
  • Find the nearest taxi in your vicinity. Simply use mobile voice search and say: “Find a taxi near me”, and choose Novachecker from the list
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Long Trips

For all those long trips you plan to enjoy in the near future we invite you to contact our expert transportation team. We are here to provide the most comfortable, efficient and reliable solutions for all your planned trips. This service has been especially designed to give you the greatest level of support and ensure all your transportation across Northern Virginia is the most enjoyable. Sit back and relax when you travel, knowing that you are in the best possible hands. All our staff are seasoned professionals, fully licensed and highly trained. Our drivers have inside out knowledge of Prince William County including Centreville, Haymarket, Woodbridge, Nokesville and Gainesville. Come on board with Northern Virginia Checker Cab and enjoy efficient and dependable transportation.

  • Professional team of drivers with extensive driving experience
  • Perfectly presented vehicles
  • Customer service providing the highest level of support
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Airport Transfer Service

Northern Virginia Checker Cab offers the most comfortable, quick and hassle-free transportation to and from the airport. Our Airport Transfers service is the most efficient way to travel when you have a flight to catch. We service all major commercial airports, including Ronald Regan Washington National Airport (DCA), Baltimore Washington International (BWI), Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) and Manassas Regional Airport (HEF). We guarantee the most dependable service to and from the airport in comfortable, clean vehicles with professional drivers behind the wheel. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, let our professional team look after you. Next time you touch down, arrive to your final destination quickly and effortlessly with Northern Virginia Checker Cab. Our team is available non-stop to take your call and assist you, planning your pick up in detail.

Northern Virginia Checker Cab provides the highest quality service to DCA, HEF, IAD and BWI airports

  • We service all major commercial airports in the area
  • Travel with highly experienced and fully licensed drivers behind the wheel
  • We promise a clean and comfortable vehicle every time you use our Airport Transfers service
  • Find the nearest taxi in your vicinity.
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Round Trips

We are committed to our client satisfaction and go above and beyond to ensure every client receives the finest level of service. This quality is reflected in our Round Trips Service, especially designed to meet the needs of those clients who would like to organize their transportation to and from the location. Whether you are headed to a restaurant, visiting friends and family or travelling to a sports or music event, trust our team to look after you and get you to and from the event in complete comfort.

Don’t think about the travel arrangements and focus at a task at hand. We will be there to pick you up and drop you off whenever you schedule a ride. Have multiple round trips in one day? Simply provide us with an itinerary and we will be there when you need us, ready to provide the most reliable taxicab service in the entire Northern Virginia.

There is an easy way to secure a Novachecker pickup – use your smartphone’s voice search and simply utter a command like “Find me the nearest taxi”. Choose Novachecker from the available options and voila! Your ride is on its way.

  • Enjoy a safe and comfortable ride to and from your desired destination
  • Do not worry about parking fees and navigating through traffic, let our experts deal with that while you sit back and relax.
  • Trust our expertise and inside-out knowledge of the area to reach your destination
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Hourly Service

Northern Virginia Checker Cab offers excellent transportation solutions to Prince William County residents who are travelling for business and leisure. We have designed our Hourly Service offering the best value for money, highest level of flexibility and greatest support that you can find. When you book your ride with our team, we promise to have a vehicle ready in front of your door precisely at the time you request it. Hourly taxi service can be yours at greatest, most affordable rates. Our professional team is made up of customer care specialists and drivers who are highly trained and fully licensed. Trust our team to make your journey the most efficient and comfortable throughout the day or night. We are available to look after you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Hourly Service is ideal for those travelers who demand complete support, with our drivers who provide consistent service of exceptional quality.

By the Hour taxicab service in Northern Virginia is perfect if you need flexibility, have multiple stops to make and don’t know the precise timing and the itinerary.When you have a packed schedule let us meet you at your doorstep and take you to all the destinations where you need to be. Next time you are travelling across Centreville, Haymarket, Woodbridge, Nokesville and Gainesville, choose our Hourly Service, sit back and relax while our professional drivers take care of the stirring wheel.

  • highest level of support and customer care
  • all our vehicles arrive in pristine condition, thoroughly cleaned and inspected
  • professional service by knowledgeable, trained and licensed drivers
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Special Occasions

For the most supportive and comfortable transportation during the celebration of your special occasion, we invite you to select our Special Occasions Service. We can look after you and your guests, making sure you are transported to your special venue, restaurant, hotel and other locations in absolute comfort. The team at Northern Virginia Checker Cab is made up of highly trained transportation professionals with inside out knowledge of Prince William County and Washington DC Metropolitan area. We have a large fleet of Independent Contractor drivers, supported by knowledgeable back end staff who work hard to ensure every service is carried out superbly. Our Special Occasions Service is backed by our second to none customer care team available around the clock for your convenience.

  • Our drivers are highly trained, fully licensed and provide a superb service.
  • Regardless how big or small your group size may be, we can look after you.
  • Enjoy your special occasion with a smooth and dependable transportation service.
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City Tour Service

At Northern Virginia Checker Cab you can arrange the perfect City Tour. Whether you are a local resident, international or interstate visitor, our service offers the best way to explore at your own pace. We have a long tradition of service, experience, and our team shares our commitment to customer satisfaction. With our comprehensive and inspiring City Tour Service, our clients are guaranteed to travel most comfortably. Explore the areas of your choice or let our team suggest custom designed tours according to your preferences and interests. Our team will ensure you enjoy the best of heritage and culture that the nation’s capital and surrounding areas have to offer.

  • Let us custom-design a City Tour Service for you
  • Sit back and explore all the attractions and heritage sites of Northern Virginia
  • Passenger comfort and safety is always at the top of our agenda
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