Arlington Transportation Services VA Near Me

Nova Checker taxi offers its services in all the counties of Northern Virginia, including Arlington and its surrounding area as well. With a proximity to Annandale, Arlington’s one of America’s most densely populated areas, home to 210 000 people. You can do a number of beautiful things in this lovely town which captures a mix of urban and suburban spirit. Naturally, every special event, business trip, airport transfer or a long trip is more comfortable to arrange when you have a reliable taxicab nearby that agrees with all of your point to point requirements. Here are a couple of suggestions you’ll surely enjoy:


This little territory is known for a plethora of memorials which give everyone the opportunity to ponder some of this nation’s most significant events. For example, the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial, crafted after the iconic image from the Second World War is a massive statue, sure to spark your interest. Witness the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the unknowns for a genuinely moving experience that will last you a lifetime. Next in line is the „Eternal Flame,“ a simple yet effective tribute to John F. Kennedy, allowing you to enjoy the magnificent view of Washington DC as well. In the middle of Theodore Roosevelt Island, which lays in the middle of the Potomac River, there is a monument dedicated to the president himself. Enjoy the walk, nature, river and a little bit of history-all in one go! Even better, book Northern Virginia Checker Cab hourly service to stay as long as you like and still get picked up when needed.


The biggest office space in the world (around whopping 6,500,000 sq ft) is used for Headquarters of the Department of Defense for the United States. If you feel drawn to the idea of knowing a bit more about the history of this fascinating piece of American History, keep in mind that you have to plan ahead, requesting tickets at least two weeks before the visit.

Luckily, you can take your time when it comes to transportation as Nova Checker taxicab near your location can be at your doorstep in minutes, with a private driver that is eager to be a part of your Arlington adventure. Google “Taxi near my location” or give Northern Virginia Checker Cab a call at +1 703-257-0222 for the easiest booking! Every city tour makes sense with Nova Checker.